Welcome to Flexi Eventing 2024 

Please familiarize yourself with how the series works.


For the dressage phase, please print and wear your competitor number as per the list

If you are Showjumping, please put your name down early with the starter at the pocket of Arena 2 and likewise for Cross Country at the pocket of Arena 3. Both disciplines will be run in blackboard order.

Dressage – Main Arena
There will be 3 dressage arenas
Arena 1
Arena 2
Arena 3

No whips, neck straps or saddle covers are allowed in the dressage phase. . Plaiting is not necessary but proper dress should be worn.

Please note that a lunging pen is available.

For safety reasons you should only go to the dressage warmup arena 20 minutes before your scheduled dressage time.

Showjumping (Arena 2) Starting at 9am
There will be 2 courses in the showjumping arena. These will start with 70cms and 1m, which will run simultaneously.

The 70cms class (red numbers) will be raised to 80cms and subsequently to 90cms.

The 1m class (blue numbers), which is likely to have the largest number of entries, will be raised to 1.10m and 1.20m.

Cross Country (Arena 3) Starting at 9am
There will be 4 courses in the Arena – 70 cms (yellow flags),  (80cms (blue flags), 90cms (Orange flags); 1m (red flags)
Please put your name down with the starter and state which course you plan to jump.

All competitors MUST wear a body protector manufactured to the minimum standard of BETA 2018 (turquoise label)


Hat Tagging/Dressage Sheets
Hat tagging will take place in the Office at the side of The Horse Board Office at Arena 1 for those who wish to avail of this service.

Please note that if you had your hat tagged last year (red tags), the tagging is still valid for 2024.
Dressage sheets can also be collected at that office.


We are deeply indebted to Judy Maxwell of BAILEYS HORSE FEEDS for her continued sponsorship of the Flexi Eventing


Scoring System For Baileys Horse Feeds Flexi Eventing League 2024
Dressage – For classes with entries of 11+
1st-  7points
2nd-  6 points
3rd- 5 points
4th- 4 points
5th-  3 points
6th-  2 points
All other participants get 1 point

Dressage – For classes with entries of 1-10
1st-  4.5 points
2nd-  4 points
3rd- 3.5 points
4th-  3 points
5th-  2.5 points
6th-  2 points
All other participants get 1 point

Show Jumping (Course is 1-7, followed by 1-5)
Double clears get 3 points.
One clear round = 2 points
All others = 1 point

Cross Country Course divided in 2 (Fences 1-6 & 7-12)
Double Clear round = 3 points
Clear 1 round =2 points
All others = 1 point

Final Placings
In the event of equality of points after the final leg has been added, the following
criteria will be applied in an effort to place the top 15 combinations:
(a) combination with most points attained on final day in all phases
(b) highest number of dressage points on final day
(c) highest number of dressage points throughout the league



Awarded to combinations with most points

1. £250
2. £200
3. £150
4. £100
5. £70
6. £50
7. £40
8. £30
9. £20
10. £20
11. £20
12. £15
13. £15
14. £10
15. £10

Our sincere thanks to Baileys Horse Feeds for this very generous sponsorship.

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